High Shipping Costs Explained

Since you’re reading this article, we figure you have been to the checkout page and been turned off by the high shipping costs.

Below is an explanation of how your shipping charges are more than you expected. We are a small business and we are not able to get the massive shipping discounts like the giant online retailers. We are not looking to profit from shipping but it is not worth selling products at a loss because of additional packaging, UPS shipping surcharges and breakage due to rough handling by UPS.

With this in mind, we take extra precautions to protect the product from breakage.

The extra precautions/extra costs, include: double-boxing, extra bubble wrap, specially designed double thick boxes, 2″ x 2″ cardboard corner guards. The labor to secure your items from UPS breakage is also time-consuming and costly.


UPS charges $15.00-$18.90 EXTRA (on top of the standard shipping charge) for boxes that are longer than 48″. Many of our products are 47-3/4″ long and ship in boxes longer than 48″.

Click to see a detailed explanation. “Additional & Value Added Charges”.


UPS does not charge by weight, rather they charge by size. They call this “dimensional weight shipping”. See picture below.

Click to view the UPS explanation: “Determine Dimensional Weight” calculation method.

We hope this explanation helps ease the sticker shock on shipping costs and thank you again for supporting small business.