Air Filter System for Ceiling Diffusers and Vents
Are you concerned about dust and dirt being released from your ceiling vent? With the Filtered Air System, your 2' x 2' ceiling air diffuser will have a layer of protective filters to purify the air from the ventilation system while evenly dispersing the air into the surrounding area. Installation is easy with four strong magnets that simply attach to the metal ceiling grid system, as well as four safety clips to ensure stability. The four way air-flow reduces inconsistent hot and cold spots in your environment and creates a more uniform temperature while improving indoor air quality. The filters are Merv 7-8 and have a G4 performance rating that are effective in catching and filtering all dust, dirt, and unwanted residue that reside in the ceiling vents. The filters last approximately six months and every system comes with two sets of four filters, giving your filters one whole year of longevity before needing replacements. Replacement filters are sold in packs of 812, and 200.
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