Plastic Air Vents, Light Diffusers, & Ceiling Products

We have been one of the most trusted providers of filtered air systems, plastic air diffusers, plastic vents, plastic air returns, light diffusers, dust deflectors, and other ceiling products for more than 20 years. We offer high quality maintenance solutions for ceilings, lighting, and HVAC systems to tradesmen, as well as the casual DIYer. At you’ll find an expansive inventory of innovative products for all of your ceiling cleaning and repair needs at prices that can't be beat.

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Ceiling Products for All Trades

At, we carry a full array of products for every trade. For example, we carry a large selection of stock and custom sized Fluorescent Light Covers, light lenses, wrap around light diffusers, and vapor-tite fluorescent bulb covers that electricians will find irresistible. Meanwhile, the HVAC professional has access to a large, in stock inventory of plastic air diffusers, plastic air filtered returns and plastic perforated tiles/returns.

We also offer sturdy yet economical, non-corrosive plastic air vents, air diffusers, ceiling vent covers, and plastic filtered ceiling registers for HVAC installers. At you’ll also find solutions for ceiling and roof leaks like our Ceiling Leak Diverters, which are similar to the InBrella system, Versi-Tarps, and Roof Leak Diverters designed to capture roof leakage and protect warehouse inventory and/or home furnishings. Makes Ceiling Repair Easy not only carries the finest materials for ceiling cleaning and ceiling repair, we also provide easy-to-follow step-by-step videos and pictorials so even if you're new to the maintenance field, you can do the job right. We invite you to view our "how-to" video library and we're confident that you’ll be a pro in no time!

Plastic Diffusers

Non-corrosive plastic ceiling registers, vents and air returns are ideal for wet and humid areas such as kitchens, locker rooms, showers, indoor pools, dishwashing areas and medical MRI rooms. Larger 2'x2' are made to be installed into a ceiling grid system while our smaller 12" x 12" plastic vents are ideal for rest rooms and showers.

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Ceiling Repairs

Black soot and dust on your ceiling tiles can be expensive and difficult to clean or replace. Avoid damage to the ceiling tiles surrounding your ceiling diffusers by installing our unique ceiling dust deflectors. carries many innovative repair products and even offers How-To videos for the do-it-yourselfers.

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Air Diverters

Block and redirect annoying drafts from square 2'x2' ceiling diffusers and linear ceiling vents. Our diverters install quickly without the need for tools. Stay comfortable while sitting at your work station. Ideal for offices, restaurants, commercial kitchens and medical facilities.

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Fluorescent Light Covers

Fluorescent lighting is economical and bright. Replace yellowed or cracked lighting diffusers and lenses with premium quality acrylic lighting diffusers, grilles, egg crates and wrap arounds. We carry specialty lighting replacements for Vapor-Tite lights, decorative lenses and retro fit kits for broken fluorescent frames.

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Ceiling Leaks

Sometimes ceiling and roof leaks are not immediately repairable or detectable. Protect your merchandise, furnishings and personnel dangerous slip and falls by capturing and diverting plumbing, HVAC and roof leaks with our 2'x2' and 2'x4'ceiling leak diverter kits, versi-tarps and roof leak tarps.

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Allergy Sufferers

We drink filtered water so why not filter our indoor air at the source. Ideal for office environments, schools, medical facilities; install our breathe easy anti-microbial air filters over your existing ceiling diffusers. Install the Elima-draft filtration covers to your residential central air conditioning vents quickly with attached magnets to filter the air in your home capturing dust and pollutants.

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