Clouds and nature light lenses

Elegant, decorative light lens covers for fluorescent lights. Transform your workspace with these custom-designed covers that enhance lighting and provide a professional look. Made with high-quality, durable materials, these covers are easy to install and will instantly upgrade any room. Decorative lenses measure 23 ¾" x 47 ¾" and are .05 mils in thickness. Our lenses drop into a standard 2’ x 4’ ceiling grid system. If your light fixture is smaller, to fit in a 2'x4' lighting fixture frame, our decorative light lenses can easily be cut with a good pair of scissors or a utility knife to fit your existing light frame.

Perforated Tile, 2'x4', One-of-a-kind.

This non-corrosive 2'x4' White Plastic Perforated tile, 1/2" Perforations is the perfect ceiling air return for 2’x4’ ceiling grid systems. In addition to being a functional component, the plastic air return also serves as a more aesthetically appealing ceiling air vent than an old, rusted metal returns or egg crate-style return. The HVAC diffuser lets return air and heat escape to the plenum. The item is made of durable ABS plastic and is available in white. White Plastic Perforated Tile/Return. Measures 23-3/4" x 47-3/4". Designed to fit in a 2'x4' ceiling grid system. The plastic sheet is .200 thick. Made from ABS plastic. 1/2" perforated tiles have a 45% open area.

Air Filter system with magnet install

With this air filter system installed on your vents, you'll no longer have to worry about cold or hot spots in your working environment. These air vent filters are specially-designed to provide four-way airflow so air is dispersed evenly throughout the environment instead of being blasted in one area. In addition, the built-in air filter cleans the air of impurities, providing cleaner indoor air that is not only healthier for you and your employees but also eliminating unsightly dust and dirt from collecting on surrounding acoustical ceiling tiles.

Custom Clear Acrylic Table Tops

Protect table tops, desktops & furniture from scuffs, scratches, and spills. Use as an erasable blotter for desktops. Replace broken tops of outdoor furniture. Shipped with protective film attached, please peel and remove before installing.

How to hide sheetrock gaps around ceiling fixtures, Goof Rings

Custom Goof Rings-White Plastic Hide unfinished edges with our Custom Goof Rings-Plastic as known as Recessed Light Trim Rings, oops rings, or ceiling medallions. These ready-to-install, white acrylic trim plates provide a convenient and attractive means for covering the edges of a miscut or too large ceiling opening for high hat lighting or J-box ceiling-hole opening when installing security equipment such as cameras, infrared detectors, ceiling fans, or other ceiling mounted devices.

Radial Air Dampers for HVAC vents.

Install Radial Air Dampers in the existing HVAC diffusers to restrict airflow. Available in 6", 8", 10", 12" & 14" diameters. Please measure the collar size/diameter of the diffuser you will be installing the Radial Air Damper. Easy to install.

Plastic Perforated 2'x2' Tile with 1/2" holes.

This non-corrosive 2'x2' White Plastic Perforated tile, 1/2" Perforations is the perfect ceiling air return for 2’x2’ ceiling grid systems. In addition to being a functional component, the plastic air return also serves as a more aesthetically appealing ceiling air vent than an old, rusted metal returns or egg crate style return. The HVAC diffuser lets return air and heat escape to the plenum. The item is made of durable ABS plastic and available in white. White Plastic Perforated Tile/Return. Measures 23-3/4" x 23-3/4". Designed to fit in a 2'x2' ceiling grid system. The plastic sheet is .100 thick. 2'x2' White Plastic Perforated tile, 1/2" Perforations 1/2" perforated tiles have a 45% open area.

Clean Cut Laser Bed-Vector cut acrylic with masking film.

The Clean Cut Laser Bed in action. Watch it vector cut 1/8" clear acrylic without the heat build-up and flashback caused by traditional Honeycomblaser beds.

Clean Cut Laser Bed

Introducing the Clean Cut Laser Bed. Forget using a Honeycomb or aluminum egg crate at the bottom of your laser. Our Unique system of aluminum lattice will completely stop the flashback caused by traditional

Ping Pong Paddle Holder

Keep your ping pong paddles and ping pong balls neat and all in one place. Made out of thick .220 gauge clear acrylic.

Glow in the dark acrylic.

Our glow in the dark acrylic can be lasered. Material is .108" thick, just shy of 1/8". The photoluminescence lasts for hours.

Ceiling Air Diverter-Block Ceiling Drafts, Item 4873

Air Diverter-White in Rectangular and Triangular shapes for traditional style ceiling air diffusers. Divert cold or hot air from HVAC air conditioning units from blowing down directly. Easily installed underneath a standard 2'x2' HVAC diffuser, no tools needed. 24" wide x 12" long x 2.75" high and Triangular 33.75" x 16.75" x 2.75". .080 gauge polystyrene construction.

White Linear Air Diverter #4875

White Linear Air Diverters are available to fit 2' and 4' sections of linear air diffusers. Stop unwanted hard blowing air from making you uncomfortable. .080 gauge polystyrene construction.

Ceiling Leak Diverter: How to install

The 2'x2' & 2'x4' Ceiling Leak Diverter System is specially designed to maintain the safety and integrity of the work area. The leak diverter drop ceiling system protects employees, customers and equipment from leaks that may cause damage or accidents. This panel is part of a completely reusable ceiling leak diverter kit and comes with all the components necessary to redirect a water leak up to 25 feet away. Made to fit a standard ceiling grid system.

Frosted Linear Air Diverter, Item # 4874T-24, 4874T-48 & 4874T-60

A 45-degree linear air diverter redirects unwanted, constant blowing air from a ceiling strip-line vent at a 45-degree angle so it is more evenly dispersed throughout the room. This linear air diverter is easy to install. It simply attaches using included clips. Most importantly, it diverts air flow without compromising or impeding the air flow quality the building's HVAC system is designed to deliver. Since this linear diffuser is made from 100% high-impact frosted acrylic, it blends easily into your office's design and it will last for years. It is designed to fit standard-sized 2’, 4' or 5’ sections of strip vents but can be custom cut for wall vents.

Ceiling Dust Deflector-White

Specially-designed for easy installation, our dust deflectors feature a ½”-wide flange that rests between the HVAC diffuser and the ceiling grid system. Once installed, they provide a 2” barrier that prevents dust and dirt from being blown over your ceiling tiles.

Ceiling Dust Deflector Clear #4871

Clear ceiling dust deflector for 24" x24" traditional ceiling air diffusers. Easy to assemble. Stop dust from accumulating on the ceiling tiles surrounding your ceiling diffusers and vents. **NOTE: The 3 tiered ceiling diffuser/vent is pictured as a sample and is not included with the 4871.

Plastic Ceiling Diffusers, Plastic Returns & Vents

Replace rusty metal ceiling vents, air diffusers and return grills with plastic vents and diffusers. Restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias, food prep areas, dishwashing rooms, chemical labs, swimming pool areas, and outside paking garages and structures will all see their metal vents and diffusers rust due to heat, humidity and chemical exposure. Never rust plastic vents are easy to install.

Ceiling Armor: Restore Rusty Grid Systems

CEILING ARMOR GRID COVER will update rusty and discolored ceiling grid systems for a fraction of the cost of replacement. This unique cover snaps on to a standard grid system without any special preperation. Washable solid vinyl cover is suitable for standard ceiling grid in kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, pools, rest rooms and outdoor ceiling locations.

Ceiling Stain Blocker: How to repair stains

Free advice on How to Repair a Water Damaged Ceiling from leading home improvement and Home Problem Solver expert Save a trip to the home center store. Hide water stains on ceiling tiles caused by leaks.

Light Lens Frame Replacement Kit

MISSING OR BROKEN LIGHT FRAMES AND LIGHTING DOORS? Install our Retro Fit Light Frame Replacements. Fluorescent light covers and light frames are available in 2'x2' and 2'x4' sizes (1'x4' available in quantities of 6 or more). Save money on an electrician. Fluorescent light covers and light frames are available bare or with a prismatic, parabolic or egg crate diffuser preinstalled. Light frames are easy to install; just follow the pictorial on the 4710 products page.

Parabolic Retro Fit Kit

Change your old and boring flat light lens covers, also known as a prismatic lens, and make it a parabolic lens. No tools needed. No need for an electrician, use your existing fixture.


SAV-A-CEILING Architectural Ceiling Coating will restore acoustic ceiling tiles and grid systems at less than 1/2 the cost of replacement. Specify SAV-A-CEILING the only ceiling coating on the market today with a UL classification. Save time and money while remodeling. Our process also qualifies for LEED credits.

Dual Tac Tape

Combination Deal:3M Handmasker modified to be used as Dual Tac Dispenser plus free red/orange tape, plus free shipping in the U.S. (1" masking tape not included). This is not an original 3M Dual Tac Dispenser, however you will find this modified 3M Handmasker to work equally as well or even better. The cutting blade is less likely to break when dropped!

Lexan Polycarbonate Light Lenses-Unbreakable

Lexan 903173U is a Lexan polycarbonate sheet with K12 prismatic texture on one side and a proprietary UV-resistant surface treatment on the polished side that protects it from weathering. Lexan 903173U is backed by a 10 year limited warranty against loss of light transmission and breakage. Providing long lasting light transmission over a wide range of weather conditions and environments, Lexan sheet improves service life and reduces life-cycle material costs. The K12 prismatic texture allows the sheet to offer excellent efficiency in light transmission. Lexan sheet is well suited for all types of vertical glazing and overhead applications such as skylights, covered walkways and barrel vaults. Free samples, email your request to

How to measure a wrap around lens.

If you need replacements for 4' long wrap-around fluorescent light lenses, you're going to have a hard time finding them at your local hardware or electrical supply store. But, at, we have a huge variety of light lens covers to choose from with most standard sizes in stock and ready to ship. We also offer the benefit of custom-ordering your wrap-around lenses so you can ensure you have the perfect replacement on hand.

Wall Leak Diverter

Capture and divert water running down your walls from leaking roofs or overhead pipes. Made from .080 gauge white acrylic sheets. 2' or 4' lengths. Can be purchased with discharge valves in right or left corners. Kit comes complete with 12' of clear 1/2" tubing, 4 plastic wall anchors, 4 screws and sealant for top edge. Item #'s 4933-24L & 4933-48L have the drain in the left corner of the diverter.

Ceiling Tile Fan

We offer solutions for ceilings, lighting and HVAC needs. At you'll find a wide array of innovative products for ceiling cleaning and repair. Our problem solvers include but are no means limited to ceiling air vent diverters and air vent deflectors to block cold air conditioning drafts.

Fluorescent Dimming Sleeves

These light stabilized unbreakable clear poly carbonate U. V. filtering sleeves are designed to provide protection in case of fluorescent lamp failure. In addition to containing broken glass particles and lamp chemicals, which protect personnel from injury, the Fluorescent Dimming Sleeve allows you to regulate the light output or reduce lamp glare by simply turning the sleeve with your fingertips to your desired comfort level.