4' Frosted Linear Air Diverter

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4' Frosted Linear Air Diverter:

The 4' Frosted Linear Air Diverter redirects unwanted, constant blowing air from a ceiling strip-line vent at a 45-degree angle so it is more evenly dispersed throughout the room. This linear air diverter is easy to install. It simply snaps in place with no tools needed. Most importantly, it diverts airflow without compromising or impeding the airflow quality the building's HVAC system is designed to deliver.

Since this 4' Frosted Linear Air Diverter is made from 100% high-impact frosted acrylic, it blends easily into your office's design and it will last for years. It is designed to fit standard-sized 4' sections of strip vents, but it can be easily shortened to fit any custom-sized vent using a hack saw with a fine tip blade. This item effectively diverts air at a 45-degree angle. If you are looking for a linear diffuser that diverts air at a full 90-degrees, then you will want item 4875

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Material Used To Produce 4874T

Linear Profile

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Customer Reviews

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Carla (Edmond, US)
Air Diverter

worked perfectly, awesome product would buy again.

kevin skogstad (Sioux Falls, US)

4' Frosted Linear Air Diverter

Dalton (Victoria, US)

Exactly as described and undamaged

Marc Guthart (Wellington, US)

Worked perfectly

faraz rouhani (Kenmore, US)

Very satisfied

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