Black Polystyrene Egg Crate Louvers

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Black Polystyrene Egg Crate Louvers

Black Polystyrene egg crate louvers serve multiple purposes. They can be used as replacements for standard fluorescent fixture covers and they can be used for air returns and venting installations. With a cell size of 5/8" x 5/8" and at 5/16" thick, this egg crate diffuser fits perfectly in any standard ceiling grid system. It's made from highly durable polystyrene and it features a unique interlocking edge design so it can be butted together to form an almost seamless continuous joint.

Whether you're looking to replace your fluorescent covers with an egg crate light diffuser or you need a high quality HVAC grate for providing optimum air flow, plastic egg crate diffusers can't be beat. At, we offer a number of standard-sized egg crate diffusers, but custom orders are also available. Simply measure your existing frame or egg crate lens and call us with the dimensions for a price quote.