4-Sided Air Diverter with Magnet Install With Safety Clips

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4-Sided Ceiling Air Diverter with Magnet Install With Safety Clips

Hard blowing hot or cold air from your ceiling air vents can make certain areas in your workplace uncomfortable to work in. But, with a 4-way ceiling air diverter, you can redirect that air in four directions so the air is dispersed more evenly throughout the space. Instead of the air being forced down, it is broadcast across the ceiling where it gently spreads throughout the room. The result is a more comfortable workspace, happier employees, and a more efficient office.

At 1800Ceiling.com, we carry 24” x 24” 4-way air diverters that are easy to install. This diverter is simply attached to the existing T-bar grid system using 4 super strong magnets, no tools are needed. Plus, our ceiling air diverters feature a very low profile, making them ideal for virtually any application. Give your workplace a more uniform ambient temperature – order your 4-way ceiling air diffusers today. Shop at 1800Ceiling.com and save on all of your ceiling repair needs.

-Four plastic snap-on safety clips included with each filtered air system.


Made from white high impact polystyrene. Actual outside dimensions are: 24.5" x 24.5" x 2-3/4" high.

Customer Reviews

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Greg Corley (Edmond, US)

4-Sided Air Diverter with Magnet Install With Safety Clips

Nicole Young-Mattson (Fergus Falls, US)
4- Sided Diverter

Wonderful product to divert air from blowing directly down over a desk area. Easy to install and remove.

Deena Glover (Fairfax, US)
No more neck pain!

I recently have been hired at my company and in my office when the air comes on I can feel it down the back of my neck. I asked my boss if I can re-arrange my office? His solution was to get some kind a covering to prevent the cold on my neck. I was online one day and found your website and was thrilled to see you had something that would cover half of the air, then I saw your 4-sided air diverter. So I order it. I just received and I am amazed as to how easy it was to install and how great it is that I no longer have the cold air on my neck! I love it!!
Very satisfied 1st time customer!

Jorge Martinez (San Bruno, US)

4-Sided Air Diverter with Magnet Install

Michael Carrabba (Sparks, US)

4-Sided Air Diverter with Magnet Install

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