Pickleball Paddle Rack

Experience convenience and organization in your pickleball court with our PickleBall Paddle Rack. The rack securely holds up to 4 paddles with a wi...
UPS surcharges - longer than 48 inches

UPS Additional Handling Charges for 48" or longer.

UPS Additional Handling Charges:

Any package over 48" will incur a fee of $16.00 in addition to the regular UPS shipping charge. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Film & Television Production Industry

Passage of the historic FY 2024 New York State Budget, which includes transformative enhancements to the NYS Film Tax Credit Program. 

How to replace a broken patio tabletop.

You can purchase a replacement tabletop for patio furniture from several sources, including: Home improvement stores, 1800ceiling.com and other h...

How to repair a rusty ceiling grid system?

Covering a rusty ceiling grid can help improve its appearance and prevent further rusting. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to cover a rusty ceil...

What is a leak diverter?

A leak diverter is a type of device used to redirect or contain water leaks in buildings. It typically consists of a flexible, waterproof membrane ...

What is a ceiling goof ring?

A ceiling goof ring, also known as a ceiling trim ring or a ceiling flange, is a decorative cover that is installed around a recessed lighting fixt...

What is a Tabletop Blotter or Protector?

Table blotters and protectors made from clear acrylic, frosted acrylic and mirrored acrylic are a stylish and functional addition to any workspace ...

Cage Code Certificate, 889 Form, Capability Statement, W9.

Download Cage Code Certificate for ReCeil It, dba-1800ceiling.com Download 889 Form. Capability Statement. W9 Cert

How To Guide for Goof Rings

The problem of ceiling mis-cuts and gaps around newly installed ceiling fixtures. Have you recently replaced or installed a lighting fixture or cei...

How to Deflect Air From a Ceiling Air Diffuser or HVAC Vent

Look up. Is there a piece of cardboard or towel stuffed in your ceiling air conditioner vent? Is the air from your overhead ceiling diffuser blowin...
Custom Acrylic Table Tops

Custom Acrylic Table Tops

Add an attractive layer of protection to your desk, coffee table, or cabinets with a custom cut acrylic table top
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Under cabinet replacement cover - task lighting lens

Under Cabinet Light Lenses Replacements

Download a tracing of current "L" shaped lenses.
Armstrong Ceiling Tiles - USG Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tile Comparison Chart at www.ceilinghelp.com | Ceiling Help

Ceiling Tile Comparison Chart at www.ceilinghelp.com | Ceiling Help
Plastic Air Diffuser - vent covers - 2'x 2' Air diffuser

Stratus Plastic Air Diffusers

Stratus Plastic Air Diffuser product videos.
Wrap Around Fluorescent Light Lens Replacement

How to trace and request pricing on a custom wraparound.

How to trace and request pricing on a custom wraparound.
Covid 19 - Return To Work Products

Covid 19: Return to work safely

We have put together a selection of products to help you through the return to work process.