Filtered Air System for 2'x2' Air Diffuser, Magnet Install

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Air Filter System with Magnet Install

With this air filter system installed on your air conditioning vents, you'll no longer have to worry about cold or hot spots in your working environment. These air vent filters are specially designed to provide four-way airflow so air is dispersed evenly throughout the environment instead of being blasted in one area. In addition, the built-in air filter cleans the air of impurities, providing cleaner indoor air that is not only healthier for you and your employees but also eliminating unsightly dust and dirt from collecting on surrounding acoustical ceiling tiles. Made in the USA

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This air filter system installs easily on any 24" x 24" drop ceiling with a T-Bar grid system. No tools are required for installation. Each kit comes with all parts included and two sets of filters. Filters last approximately six months and replacements are sold separately. Please call to order: 1800-234-5464.




-Four strong magnets for easy install to ceiling grid system.

-Four-way airflow. Reduces cold and hot spots while creating a more uniform ambient temperature throughout the room.

-Hangs only 2.75" from the ceiling; discreet enough for use in an office, restaurant, hotel or retail setting.

-Filters trap ductwork pollution particle improving air quality which helps to reduce allergic reaction and illness.

-Helps prevent dust buildup on acoustical ceiling tiles, maintaining a cleaner appearance. Installs with ease on any 24" x 24" drop ceiling with a T-Bar grid system.

-2 sets of filters are included with each system. Filters last about 6 months and replacements are sold separately. Our Filters are a Merv 7-8.

-Installs on most 24" x 24" drop ceiling with a T-Bar grid system. NO tools required. All parts included.

-Made from white high impact polystyrene. Actual outside dimensions are: 24-1/2" x 24-1/2" x 2-3/4" high.

-Four plastic snap-on safety clips included with each filtered air system.

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Adam Pearson (Mission Viejo, US)

Vent is right above my desk so I never used the heater in my office. I'm also very sensitive to dust in the air. Very easy install, but don't forget to pull the safety clips out of the box before you throw the empty box in the dumpster aka (read the directions)! :)

Sarah Wiedyk (Wyoming, US)
Easy to use

The diffusers were easy to install and are making a difference in the air quality in my classroom.

Filtered Air System for 2'x2' Air Diffuser

Easy installation

Ken Bieber (Minneapolis, US)
Easy to use.

I bought this because we were having trouble with debris coming from the duct and our building could not seem to figure out where it was coming from. This at least stops the dirt from falling onto the desk below. Very easy to install.

Tom (Orlando, US)

Exactly what I wanted for my 15x15 office. I only have 1 air vent in my office and I noticed after cleaning that within a couple to few months the dust would start piling up. I bought this and a Winix air purifier for my office and wow, what a difference. I also didn't expect that in a small sized office this would have such a positive impact on the air flow. This product not only filters the air by distributes it evenly. This has now made my office so much more comfortable as the entire room is at a cooler ambient temperature. It's also very cost effective with replacement filters. Will highly recommend!

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