Custom Acrylic Table Tops
Add an attractive layer of protection to your desk, coffee table, or cabinets with a custom cut acrylic table top. Helps protect against scratches, spills, and damaging scuffs while still effectively displaying your table. The acrylic is custom cut to any measurement or specification needed to fit your table in a variety of shapes and materials. Available in both .118 gauge thickness (1/8 of an inch) and .220 gauge thickness (1/4 of an inch) so you can choose how thick you would like your protective layer to be. Also available in Window Clear, and Frosted Acrylic material, as well as different shapes like the Clear Acrylic Disc, and Frosted Acrylic Disc. Choose from two variations of how the corners will be cut with the square corner option that produces a perfect 90 degree angle cut corner, or rounded corners that produces a 3/8 radius corner that gives off a more polished look to your table top corner and will not be sharp. Shipped with a protective film layer to prevent scratches and scuffs during production and shipping.
AcrylicTable top