Ceiling Air Vent Deflector, Air Vent Covers

Have you ever been sitting under a vent pumping constant cold air on to you causing an unpleasant experience? No more need for makeshift cardboard coverings or bundling up in a jacket because the Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter is the solution to this inconvenience as the product will redirect the hot or cold air without inhibiting or restricting the air flow from your ceiling diffuser. A vent diverter also can help evenly distribute air across the room and prevent high air build up in one area. It can also be used in the opposite effect to redirect more air towards the user if the vent is not diffusing the ideal amount towards the user. The Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter is made of durable 0.090 gauge polystyrene so it is built to last and is also available in a triangular shape for those who have a corner of a vent inconveniently blowing air and is also made in custom sizes for smaller wall vents. It is easy to install and fits standard-sized 2'x2' HVAC diffusers, vents, and registers. At 1800ceiling.com, we offer a full array of air vent deflectors suitable for a wide array of installations and applications. Shop our expansive inventory of air vent deflectors and air vent diverters below and save on all of your ceiling repair needs.