Roof Leak Repair - Ceiling Leak Pan

When ceiling leaks occur, a lot of costly damage can accrue before the plumbers or roofers arrive to find and stop the leak. This ceiling leak and rainwater diverter is designed to provide an immediate fix that will help keep your workspace safe and dry until a permanent repair is made. Simply replace the ceiling tile where the leak is located with this leak diverter and you can capture the dripping water and redirect it up to 25 feet away using the included drainage hose. Once the leak is fixed, simply remove the rainwater diverter and replace the ceiling tile.

At, we carry 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ ceiling leak diverters so regardless of your ceiling grid system’s tile dimensions, we have the solution you need. Our leak diverter system will help protect your employees, customers, and equipment from leaks that if left unaddressed will cause extensive damage and/or accidents. And best of all, this system is completely reusable. Shop at today and save on all of your ceiling repair needs.

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