Residential & Light Commercial Plastic Air Diffusers (#4946-xx)

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MV4S Small 4-way grille/damper/box (4946s-4way)
MVASW Small Retro White(4946s-RetroW)
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MV2 Standard 2-way grille/damper/box (4946-2way)
MV3 Standard 3-way grille/damper/box (4946-3way)
MV4 Standard 4-way grille/damper/box (4946-4way)
MV360 Standard Round Plastic Air Grille (4946-360)
MXE Standard Plastic Return no damper (4946-Ret)
MVE Standard Plastic Return w/damper (4946-RetDamp)
STANDARD PLASTIC AIR DIFFUSER: For 6",7",8" Duct 11-1/4" x 11-1/4" OD (Round is 12-1/2") Hole size: 9-1/4" Diameter SMALL PLASTIC AIR DIFFUSER: For 4",5",6" Duct 8-3/4" x 8-3/4" OD (Round is 9-3/8") Hole size: 7-1/4" Diameter

Plastic Air Diffusers for Residential and Light Commercial Installations

These plastic air diffusers are ideal for any residential or light commercial HVAC installation. They are easy to install by one person as above-ceiling access in not required. These ceiling air diffusers feature an innovative built-in damper system that allows you to shut off the air flow using the included key. Two sizes of diffusers are available – standard and small. Standard plastic air diffusers feature a collar that is designed to fit round flex ductwork in widths ranging from 6" to 8", while the smaller version accommodates 4" to 6" widths, making them the ultimate air diffusers for a variety of installations.

These unique plastic air diffusers are all-inclusive, lightweight, and very easy to install. They provide the best in convenience and flexibility. At, we offer a number of plastic ceiling air diffusers with built-in dampers in a variety of sizes and colors. Shop our complete inventory and save on your order today.

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Item # 4946-xx
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