Stratus White Plastic Cone Diffuser with Universal Reducer Kit,NRD

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2'x2' White Plastic Cone Air Diffuser w/ Universal HVAC Reducer Kit

Kit includes one White Plastic 2'x2' Cone Air Diffuser with a 14" neck, one Universal Reducer, one 48" Cable Tie.


Be prepared for any duct size from 6" thru 14".

Stock the Universal Collar Kit and reduce prep time, install time and frustration.

Reduce Inventory

  • Stock one neck size - 14"
  • Scales down 14" neck to 6", 8", 10", or 12"
  • Sold alone (#4995-14-NRD) or in kits with 14" neck diffusers or 14" neck filtered air returns.

Reduce Prep Time

  • No measuring & counting
  • No running out of neck sizes
  • Quickly adjust reducer onsite with needle nose pliers.

    Reduce Install Time

    • Snaps onto neck and holds tight, no need to tie it on or use screws.
    • Rigid plastic won't collapse during install like rubber product.

    Reduce Frustration