2'x4' Ceiling Tile Leak Diverter

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The 2’x4’ Ceiling Leak Diverter System is a high quality, effective leak diverter that helps to capture and divert water leaks, ensuring that employees and equipment are not subject to damage or accidents caused by slipping on water. The Ceiling Leak Diverter System is a great alternative to plastic sheets hanging into the bucket, wet ceiling marks, etc. Made to fit a standard ceiling grid system.

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The kit includes:

  • 2'x4' plastic drip pan (actual measurement 23-3/4" x 47-3/4")
  • 25' of 1/2 diameter clear vinyl tubing
  • 2'x4' fabric drip pad, helps to stop the splash and the annoying dripping sound
  • 1/2" elbow shaped outlet valve.
  • Plastic ceiling clips and hangers to direct the discharge hose into a bucket or sink.