WHITE 1/2" PERF, 2'x2' White Plastic Perforated tile @ .100 gauge

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This non-corrosive Plastic Perforated Return is the perfect ceiling air return for 2’x2’ ceiling grid systems. In addition to being a functional component, the plastic air return also serves as a more aesthetically appealing ceiling air vent than an old, rusted metal returns or egg crate style return. The HVAC diffuser lets return air and heat escape to the plenum. The item is made of durable ABS plastic and available in white. White Plastic Perforated Tile/Return. Measures 23-3/4" x 23-3/4". Designed to fit in a 2'x2' ceiling grid system. The plastic sheet is .100 thick.

Made from ABS plastic. See attached spec sheets.

1/2" perforated tiles have a 45% open area.