Stratus Black Plastic PLAQUE 2'x2' Air Diffusers

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American Louver

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Black Plastic Plaque Air Diffuser w/06", 08", 10", 12" or 14" Necks (#4990BK-PQ-).

4-way air distribution. OD: 23.75" x 23.75". Will fit in a standard ceiling grid system.

STOP! Please make sure your collar/neck size is correct for all pieces in your order.Please remember, as an example, just because the collar size for one diffuser is an 8" diameter, it doesn't mean all diffusers in your building have the same collar diameter. Item 4945BK- Black Plastic Air Diffuser for ceiling grid systems. 3-Tier Air Diffuser Assembly. 4-Way air distribution. Also available in White ABS Plastic.

SAME DAY SHIPPING AVAILABLE.Place your order by 1:00PM EST, Mon-Fri (excluding holidays, for item #'s 4945, 4989, 4990 and we will ship same day. Check out the UPS website to see when you will receive your packages. Use 11726 as the "shipped from this Zip code" location.


A 20% restocking fee for all returned diffusers and air returns will be ducted from your refund.