Filtered Air Diffuser-2'x2' with Back Pan

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-Four-way adjustable louvers direct airflow where desired to eliminate drafts blowing onto employees. Reduces cold and hot spots while creating a more uniform ambient temperature throughout the room. -Hangs only 1.75" from the ceiling; discreet enough for use in an office, restaurant, hotel or retail setting. -Filters trap ductwork pollution particle .03 microns in size at a 66% efficiency level, improving air quality which helps to reduce allergic reaction and illness. -Helps prevent dust buildup on acoustical ceiling tiles, maintaining a cleaner appearance. Installs with ease on any 24" x 24" drop ceiling with a T-Bar grid system. -The first set of filters are included with each diffuser and the unit hinges down for easy filter changing. Filters last about 6 months and replacements are sold separately. Steel back pan with round neck.- A back pan (also know as a “can”) is needed for the installation. Sometimes the existing one can be used, but if not, you will need to purchase a new one. ? Installs on most 24" x 24" drop ceiling with a T-Bar grid system. A hard ceiling application is available as a special order. -Choose from 6", 8", 10", 12", 14" or 16" round neck duct size. Square necks available as a special order.