Clear Ceiling Dust Deflector for 2'x2' ceiling air diffusers

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24" x 24" Ceiling Dust Deflector

Are the ceiling tiles surrounding your air vents dirty and dusty? If so, then our ceiling dust deflector is just the thing you need. Specially-designed for easy installation, our dust deflectors feature a ½”-wide flange that rests between the HVAC diffuser and the ceiling grid system. Once installed, they provide a 1.5” barrier that prevents dust and dirt from being blown over your ceiling tiles. With our dust deflectors, your ceiling tiles will stay clean and white, no more unsightly dirt!

At, our 24” x 24” ceiling dust diffusers fit perfectly over any 2’ x 2’ air vent. They’re made from high-impact 0.08 gauge clear polystyrene, so they’ll not only be invisible to the eye, but you can rest assured that they’ll last. And best of all, our dust diffusers won’t inhibit or restrict the flow of air from your HVAC vents so they won’t affect the efficiency of your system. Shop our expansive inventory of ceiling dust deflectors and save on all of your ceiling repair needs.