14" Smooth Acrylic with 5.25" Neckless Opening

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Understanding Plastics

Polycarbonate- uv stabilized Characteristics: Polycarbonate is a superior engineering plastic material for extreme requirements. UV Stabilized to ensure a long life. The high continuous working temperature of up to 257° F (125° C) even under extreme environmental conditions, allows the installation of lamps with a high wattage. The high impact resistance and durability remain even at subzero temperatures (down to -40° C)

Acrylic- absolutely uv resistant Characteristics: Acrylic is a material with unsurpassed resistance to weathering and aging. Acrylic has an exceptional brilliance, which does not diminish even after prolonged use- thanks to an optimum surface hardness. Acrylic lamp housings are highly competitive particularly with modern light sources where the maximum working temperature does not exceed 194° F (90° C)