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Fast delivery

Purchase a fixture with exposed lamps, these elevate the look.

The Right style and fit.

Appreciated the opportunity to try out the samples.
Saved a lot of time knowing I was ordering the right style and fit.

Very good products and service.

Fits perfect! Fast shipping and packaged very well

I’ve been dragging my feet replacing my under cabinet light covers because I was having a hard time trying to find the right size without having it custom cut. 1800 ceiling offers free returns so that eased my worry. The packaging was great quality cardboard and it was wrapped tightly in the thick bubble wrap. The extra shipping cost was well worth it! I took it out of the box and it popped right in to the light with no issues. Looks great!

Custom Goof Rings-White Plastic
Manuel Melendez (Indio, US)

Custom Goof Rings-White Plastic

Using in a tall lamp with three drum shades

Amazing diffusion of light from the underside of three drum shades I have. Absorbs color from hue bulbs well, makes sitting under the lamp so much more pleasant.

Custom Goof Rings-White Plastic
scott williams (Fairfax, US)
great solution

for ducts penetrating ceilings in a Lab

Best ever!

I actually came across your website by accident and I'm glad I did. Your under cabinet lens selection is very well presented. I located the lens size I needed from your 2-inch sample package and the lens I ordered was perfect! Will definitely order other lenses for our home when needed. Thank you again for your products and speedy delivery. I will let friends and family know of your site and steer them your way. Thanks again!

Custom Goof Rings-White Plastic
John Carlson (Rancho Mirage, US)
Ceiling Medallion

Worked out perfectly 👍

Perfect fit for Elite RL655

The holes in my ceiling were just a shade too large, this ring is like it was perfectly made for the RL655 - if in doubt for your project look at Elite RL655 dimensions.

Excellent Product

Excellent product, very quick response and shipment, delivered exactly as ordered

CLEAR Acrylic Disc & Table Top Protectors, .118g or .220g Thick

CLEAR Acrylic Disc & Table Top Protectors, .118g or .220g Thick
Happy Customer in River Falls WI (River Falls, US)
Great option for puzzle table

Delighted with this product! For some time, I've been looking for a place to cut acrylic to make a topper for my mom's jigsaw puzzle table spinner (purchased from Bits & Pieces a few years ago). She does so many puzzles, she had worn out the felt topping. Turns out it's impossible to find someone to custom cut acrylic near me and I had about given up until I stumbled on this place! So thrilled to find a place that custom-cuts to specifications from the consumer!! The disc came beautifully packaged and fits perfectly. It was a little spendy with shipping but I was happy to pay it. Anyone looking for a puzzle table topping -- order with confidence!! Thanks so much to 1800 ceiling

Prompt delivery

The tile was perfect.

Excellent fit of Square Goof Plate

Put in a bigger bathroom exhaust fan. Wouldn’t exactly fit in hole due to cross beam in attic. Had to move the hole 3” to right. The Square Goof Plate made the finish look great. No worries about plastered ceiling. This made it easy. Looks great in new bathroom. Made a tough job EASY!

Satisfied Client

I couldn't be happier with the Goof Plates. Not only did they meet my needs. They were received in a very timely fashion. Thank you

Thank you, thank you!

Your Company is amazing. We ordered the sample kit and was able determine the lens we needed. $5.00 credit and free shipping! We ordered the replacement lens, just installed it! Fits perfect! You guys are the best!

Spray Up Stain Blocker/New White
Tayler Richards (Albany, US)
Best product for any drop ceiling

Whiter than white itself.
Super easy to apply.
Lasts a lifetime
You also won’t beat their customer service.

Quick Aluminum Egg Crate-CUSTOM SIZES

within a few days my order was processed and shipped! Great pricing and turnaround time!

Awesome custom goof plate

This was perfect for the job I had where the thin wall busted out around the outlet. It helped give some support to hold in the box and looks great on the wall.

Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter
jason boswell (Bedford, US)
Best air deflector

I have been using these air deflectors for a few years now and they are the best on the market. They stay in place and you don’t have to worry about them falling out of the ceiling grid

Antique Bathroom Vanity Lighting Cover
Janet Reese (Asheboro, US)
These covers are very authentic looking

They refreshed the look of a vintage bath. We are delighted

Goof ring

I installed it today. It's the best thing since sliced bread. I replaced a fixture that had an integrated ring. The goof ring filled in the gap of the new fixture very nicely.

Custom Goof Rings-White Plastic
Rich Marinucci (Buffalo, US)
Goof Rings

A perfect solution to my problem. I will recommend you in the future.