We are a leading supplier in the United States of air vent deflectors for ceilings and walls and vents for HVAC systems. Our high quality air vent deflectors are made with premium ABS plastic and won't rust, are easy to maintain and provide a professional look in commercial and office spaces.

And, they are manufactured right here in the USA and in stock.

Please browse all our air vent deflector categories below. If you have any questions about our products please feel free to call us at 516-221-1484 or email us at sales@1800ceiling.com.  We are experts with our products and are happy to help answer any questions or find the right product for your needs. 


Why Shop Ceiling Air Vent Deflectors With 1-800Ceiling.com

We specialize in ceiling products to work with commercial and office HVAC systems and sizes. 

Our products: 

  • Are made from only quality materials including high-quality PVC or aluminum
  • Durable and won't rust
  • Meet fire ratings
  • Resist sweating and dust build up  
  • 30 years of industry experience

Most are available in the optimal sizes for commercial or office HVAC and ceilings.