Lighting Frame Replacement Kit 2'x4' w/ Clear Prismatic Lens (FINAL SALE)

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Lighting Frame Replacement Kit 2'x4' w/ Clear Prismatic Lens

Clear Prismatic Lens Retrofit Kit makes it easy to replace a broken or missing light lens frame. Sits in a ceiling grid system and installs easily. Sturdy steel frame made for a 2'x4' lighting fixtures. Includes .100 gauge clear prismatic light lens.

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Awesome product and service

Lens Replacement Frames

I purchased these frames a few days ago and I love the way it looks. The frame is flexible enough to maneuver into place and the lens looks great very happy with the product. I had decided to direct wire my fluerocent light fixtures, I was tired of flickering lights and I had 2 fixtures out of 9 that didn't have a frame or lens cover. This was one of the best investments that I have ever made. Now my garage and man cave are complete. Thanks again for a well made product.

MK (Sylacauga, US)
Frame replacement kit with lens

I just finished installing four of your frame replacement kits 2’ x 4’ with clear prismatic lenses into some quite old fluorescent light fixtures. Overall I was very satisfied with the kits. They fit the fixtures very well. Your kits were the only ones I could find that would allow me to replace the frames and lenses without having to buy completely new fixtures.
I am not a professional electrician and am at best an amateur. So there were a couple of things that I would suggest you consider for others like myself. I had watched your video on installing the 2’ x 2’ replacement kit. To be honest, I felt that installing the 2’ x 4’ kits was not quite as easy as shown in the video. I think it would have helped to see a video on the actual installment of a 2’ x 4’ frame kit. Also, I’m sure this is obvious to a professional, but it took me awhile to figure out that the best way to install the lenses into the frames was to remove the small screws holding the short side at one end of the frame. If you included this step in the video it would have made my work quite a bit easier. These are not complaints. I would definitely buy more of the kits from you if I ever need some. But I think you may be taking for granted the skill level of everyone who buys the kits. Also, the box took a bit of a beating during shipping and had a large rip in one side. Another layer of packing tape might have prevented that. But there was no damage at all to anything inside the box.

Steven Rodriguez (Hanford, US)
2' x 4' Prismatic lens frame Kit

This kit is a awesome kit that comes well packaged and easy to install with the help of a how to install video provided be this company on there website; I will recommend this company and this kit to all our Maintenance Directors within our company. I will ask them if they would consider selling the 2' x 4' prismatic lens cut to size for replacements through out our community lighting fixtures..

Brad Pierce (Mesa, US)
Light lens replacement

I was skeptical that your product would be easy to install and would work as described. I was wrong. The product performed perfectly and looks great! The only suggestion I would propose is to replace the plastic lens with an acrylic one. The lens we installed was broken in one of the corners. Other than that, great product.