T8-F32 Fluorescent 4' DIMMING SLEEVE

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T8/F32 Fluorescent 4' DIMMING SLEEVE, (4117-T8-Dimming4). This light stabilized unbreakable clear polycarbonate U. V. filtering sleeve is designed to provide protection in case of fluorescent lamp failure. In addition to containing broken glass particles and lamp chemicals, which protect personnel from injury, the Fluorescent Dimming Sleeve allows you to regulate the light output or reduce lamp glare by simply turning the sleeve with your fingertips to your desired comfort level. End caps are included. Tubes measure 46-5/16" long without end caps, 47-1/8" with end caps. 2 end caps included with each tube. 1.25" wide. 2 end caps included with each tube.

Sold separately.

Customer Reviews

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Billy Hoover (Midland, US)

T8 dimming tubes

Tim DeVos (Stevensville, US)
Dimming Sleeves

I purchased these for the ladies who work in our front office and they couldn’t be happier. Two of them suffer from migraines and the bright light was affecting them. They love the ability to adjust the amount of light being emitted and the direction of the light coming from the fixtures.

Lisa Gintner (Minneapolis, US)

The tubes were just installed last week. Most of our associates are working from home for the last few weeks. With Covid spreading, I am going to assume it will be like that for a few more weeks. So far I think these will be the best purchase for this problem so far.

Ken Bieber (Minneapolis, US)
Good Dimming Sleeves

The sleeves fit well and are easily turned for more or less dimming. Much better than smoke colored tubes as they don't give the light a yellow color. Seem a bit expensive, but I had a hard time finding these, so did not have a lot of choices of where to order from.

Ben Kutch (Las Vegas, US)
T8 Dimming Sleeves

My customer likes the way they cut down on the glare from the lamps.