Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter

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Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter 24"x12"

This 24"x12" Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter for 2'x2' Ceiling Diffuser is specially-designed to divert hot or cold blowing air from ceiling HVAC air conditioning registers away from the areas you want to protect. You can also direct the flow towards you for more air. It is easy to install and fits standard-sized 2'x2' HVAC diffusers, vents, and registers. This Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter redirects airflow without inhibiting or restricting the flow of air from your ceiling HVAC diffusers. As such, they should never be used in pairs to block an entire diffuser.

This ceiling air vent deflector is made of durable 0.090 gauge polystyrene so it is built to last. It is white in color so it will blend seamlessly with most ceilings and HVAC air diffusers. Its dimensions measure 23-3/4" wide x 11-3/4" long x 2-1/2" high. At, we offer a full array of air vent deflectors suitable for a wide array of installations and applications. Shop our expansive inventory of air vent deflectors and air vent diverters below and save on all of your ceiling repair needs.

NOTE: Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter is intended to be used one at a time. Do not block the entire diffuser by using two side by side.

Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
William Rivera
great air deflectors

I like the tile deflectors for their quality, perfect fit and divert the air perfectly.

Skye Pournazari
Works perfectly

The diverted I purchased works exactly as it's supposed to, shifting the cold air away from one area of our office. Perfect.

bree hall

Works great. Very easy to install

Danielle B.
Quick & Easy Solution

This was a quick and easy solution for our office. One person is always cold, another is always too warm. This diverter gets the AC and/or heat pointed in the direction we need with little cost and easy installation. (No tools required!) I wish we had done this sooner!

Addis Diaz
The Discovery

Nobody believe is possible until they see it.

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