Ribbed White U Shaped Wrap (256RW)

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Ribbed White U Shaped Wrap (Item # 4113P-256RW-xxx) Order. See "More Views" for detail measurements. Available Lengths: 18", 24", 36", 48" *PLEASE NOTE: WRAP AROUND LIGHT LENS ORDERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR MEASUREMENTS ARE CORRECT.


*** Before purchasing this lens, check out the 4112LE-103, it is similar.


Customer Reviews

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Heather L. (New York, US)
Excellent all around

Excellent experience from start to end. Customer service and product itself in addition to how product was shipped. Will definitely recommend to anyone who needs any of their products

Frances Ham (Forsyth, US)
Fluorescent bathroom lights installed in 1976!

I was told that I would never find the parts for the old fluorescent lights in my mom’s house. These parts worked perfectly!! So glad I found your website and supplies!

NULL (Fort Wayne, US)
SHADE STILL AVAILABLE - keeping fixtures by fixing issue with light socket

I ordered the 36" Aspen shade, as one of the ones was broken when I bought my home. Since then, the other one (where the florescent light screws twists in) had shorted enough that it had burned, and I could smell it.
I was petrified, thinking I was going to have to replace these lights ~ nope. Just replace the part (replaced both top and bottom where light twists in) and used the existing old shade, as there was nothing wrong with it. My lights are just brand new again.
Bathroom remodel to ADA ~ not quite completed, need doors, however, I really like these light fixtures, and am so happy that they were fixed.
I couldn't find anything that was even near these type of lights ~ see the picture below ~ not many lights now come this width to place in-between the mirror and medicine cabinet.

G Conners (Chicago, US)
Great buy

I didn't think a lens was available for our 1959 medicine cabinet fixture but it worked.

Nathaniel Robinson (Malmo, SE)
Perfect drop in replacement for vintage fixture

Purchased to replace our brittle and yellowed vintage wraps. These fit perfectly and instantly improved the look and light quality of our bathroom. Fast shipping, too!

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