Black Polystyrene Egg Crate Louvers

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Black Polystyrene Egg Crate Louvers

Black Polystyrene egg crate louvers serve multiple purposes. They can be used as replacements for standard fluorescent fixture covers and they can be used for air returns and venting installations. With a cell size of 5/8" x 5/8" and at 5/16" thick, this egg crate diffuser fits perfectly in any standard ceiling grid system. It's made from highly durable polystyrene and it features a unique interlocking edge design so it can be butted together to form an almost seamless continuous joint.

For fluorescent lighting
.300" Thick (5/16”)
Square Cell Inside Dimension .575” x .575” (9/16”)
Thickness of polystyrene .063” (1/16”)

Black Polystyrene Eggcrate louver has a unique interlocking edge design so it can be butted together to form an almost seamless continuous joint. 

Actual sizes:
4722B-1x2N.300 = 11-3/4" x 23-5/8"
4722B-1x4N.300 = 11-3/4" x 47-9/16"
4722B-2x2N.300 = 23-5/8" x 23-5/8"
4722B-2x4N.300 = 23-5/8" x 47-9/16"
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Customer Reviews

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Richard K (Palm Springs, US)
Thank you Jessica!

I had an unusual need for the Black Polystyrene Egg Crate. Often in aquarium fish keeping these are used to keep aggressive fish from picking at each other. I have a breeder pair of fish and the male can get feisty with the female. Their tank had a slow leak and quickly I needed to replace the aquarium AND get a divider in there. It was a Thursday afternoon and I was willing to pay the overnight shipping fee, but there was nothing that assured me I'd have it the next day (Friday). I called up and explained my issue to Jessica. She was really nice and told me she'd make sure it was shipped that day even though it was later in the afternoon. It indeed did, and I received it next day as promised. This was a small potatoes order. The priority I received makes me want to do more business with 1-800-CEILING in the future. If the opportunity presents itself, I will certainly go out of my way to order from them again. Thank you so much!

Oneta Rice (Kent, US)
Egg crate louvers

These panels were perfect. Only place I could find egg crate louvers.

Monty McCormick (Chicago, US)
Worked great

Worked great for diffusing annoying side glare on my hanging aquarium “plant light!” It was easy to cut to the size I needed!

Nick Wieder (Charlotte, US)
Simple to install and looks great

We recently painted the ceiling of our commercial space black, leaving only the diffusers over the 4x8 light fixtures white. To complete the look, we added louvers below the diffusers, which was a simple task that required us to cut one row off the short end of the fixtures using only a pair of diagonal wire cutters. With this addition, our ceiling looks complete and polished. {Pictures are the other side before, and the updated side with lights on and off}

Teresa Engebretson (Fairmont, US)
Black Egg Crate Tikes

We have not installed them yet but they arrived in a timely fashion.

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