4' Wrap Around Lens: 9

4' Wrap Around Lens: 9" Wide x 1-9/16" High (#4112P-9002-?pack) for Simkar Fixture

4' Wrap Around Lens: 10

4' Wrap Around Lens: 10" Wide x 1-3/4" High (#4112RE-10110-)

4' Wrap Around Lens: 9-9/16" Wide x 1-7/16" High (#4112P-2002-)

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Package of 2 Wrap Around Lenses:9-9/16" wide (#4112P-2002-2pack)
Package of 3 Wrap Around Lenses:9-9/16" wide (#4112P-2002-3pack)
Package of 4 Wrap Around Lenses:9-9/16" wide (#4112P-2002-4pack)
Package of 6 Wrap Around Lenses:9-9/16" wide (#4112P-2002-6pack)

4' long Wrap Around Lens (1-7/16" H x 9-9/16" W x 47-15/16" L with 8-11/16" between the hooks. Acrylic blend modified for impact resistance. Sided have linear prisms. Bottom is P12 prismatic. Made for 2 light @40 watt. Sold in packages of 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Stop! Before you click Add to Cart, please do the following. Look at our line art drawing for the 4112P-2002.  Make sure your measurements match our line art drawing by making your own sketch/tracing of your existing wrap, view sample diagram by clicking this link.

1 out of 5 customers end up wanting to return their order because they didn't take the time to measure and compare their existing wrap-around to our replacement wrap-around. Returning wrap-arounds is a costly process due to very high shipping costs to you and then back again to us. We will not provide a prepaid shipping label on returns and any wrap-arounds that come back broken will be deducted from your refund. Please take the time and measure before ordering. There are hundreds of wrap-arounds on the market today. Please don't gamble.

Please click this link to watch our YouTube video on how to trace & measure a wrap-around.

Also, if you have questions, please email them to us at sales@1800ceiling.com.  Please include pictures of your existing light lens, quantity needed and the completed wrap-around order form. Please refrain from calling our office, an email with picture attachments will help us identify the correct replacement lens.




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Item # 4112P-2002-2pack, 4112P-2002-3pack, 4112P-2002-4pack, 4112P-2002-6pack, 4112P-2002-12pack
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