Universal Collar (#4995-U-Collar)

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This Universal Collar can be used to convert a 14" collar HVAC diffuser or ductwork. Easily scale down the air diffuser to a 6" collar.

Don't know your neck size, no need to measure! The Eger Advantage Universal Collar acts as a reducer for duct sizes 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14". Easy installation - The neck size "diameter" on the universal collar can be easily cut onsite using a box cutter or utility knife at the time of installation.

Use in conjunction with the 14" collar diffusers and returns. Item #'s 4945W-14, 4945BK-14, 4990W-PQ-14, 4989W-EC-14, 4989BK-EC-14. This item is not intended to be used with smaller collar diffusers, use with 14" collared diffusers only.