Parabolic Retro Fit

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The parabolic light fluorescent light covers make it easy to convert any boring existing lighting fixture into a clean, sharp looking parabolic light without changing out the lighting fixture. No need for an electrician. Do it yourself.

Parabolic Light Cover Retro Fit Instructions:

1) Remove and discard existing doorframe.
2) Ensure that there is clearance in the plenum area then lift up the existing fixture. You will need 2-1/4" of space in the plenum.
3) Install the Parabolic Retro Fit into the ceiling grid system.
4) Open up the hatch by pressing the spring loaded latches.
5) Reposition the existing light fixture over the newly installed Parabolic Retro Fit Kit.
6) Close the door frame and engage the spring loaded latches.
7) You are done!