LED Lighting Muting Smoked Sleeves for T8

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Have you just installed T8 Led Lighting Fluorescent tubes and find them to be too bright?

Try our new LED dimming tube guards, it's like sunglasses for your LED lights.

46-3/8" long. Just slip them over the T8 tubes and reinstall the tube.

Sold Separately.

Customer Reviews

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Albert VanDaele (Newport, US)
Lighting Muting Sleeve

This sleeve takes the edge off of LED brightness. My wife has bright light sensitivity and the LED lights gave off good light but hurt her eyes. This product dims them down just the right amount.

Michael Manzi (Queens, US)
Theses dimmers work.

These work and fit perfectly. They took the edge off the harsh LED lights. They fit perfectly on the T8 bulbs. I would say they dim the LEDs to what a normal fluorescent bulb would look like.

Kurt Pepper (Fountain Hill, US)
Dim rating

Product definitely dims the light but not as much as I would have thought.

David Lerner (New York, US)
Perfect easy solution

Works as advertised. Simple and easy.

Bryan Cairns (Paonia, US)
Led muting Sleeves

They work well ,but didn't fit my T8 bulbs had to split one side to install