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Ceiling Armor installation

Ceiling Armor grid covers will update rusty and discolored ceiling grid systems for a fraction of the cost of replacement. This unique cover slides on a standard grid system without any special preperation. Washable solid vinyl cover is suitable for 15/16" and 1" ceiling grid in kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, pools, rest rooms and outdoor ceiling locations.

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Ceiling Aerosol Touch Ups

This aerosol can was designed to apply the stain blocker in a true vertical position with no need to tilt the can. Utilize every drop with no waste. Perfect for holding back water stains and light rust.

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White or Clear Ceiling Dust Deflectors

2'x2' Stop carbon soot from building up on the ceiling tiles surrounding the HVAC vent covers. Great for supermarkets, restaurants, department stores and schools. Download PDF - 1 Item # 4871 in the Clear Ceiling Dust Deflector, Item # 4872 is the White Ceiling Dust Deflector

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Ceiling Leak Diverter

This revolutionary product, The Ceiling Leak Diverter System was designed to maintain the safety and integrity of the work area under a drop ceiling system for both employees and customers. We are eliminating the slippery (water on the floor) conditions, the plastic sheets hanging into the bucket, wet ceiling marks, etc. This patented panel is part of a completely reusable kit and it comes with all the components necessary to redirect a water leak up to 25 feet away (further with additional accessories). This system performs a delaying tactic when maintenance cannot repair a leak in a pipe, drain or roof for a couple of days to a couple of months (i.e. end of winter)

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Roof Leak Funnel

Funnel Tarp designed for controlling roof and overhead leaks. Diverts water flow away to a window, drain or sink using a standard garden hose. Constructed of translucent vinyl with polyester reinforcement. Brass grommets are used on the perimeter for easy hanging. Heavy duty center bib molded in ABS plastic with standard ¾” male pipe thread. Standard Sizes: 3’x6’, 3’x8’, 3’x10’, 6’x6’, 6’x8’, 6’x10’. Custom sizes also available.

Replacement Tape for Dual Tac Dispenser

Orange high adhesion draping tape. Use in conjunction with 3M Dual Tac Tape Dispenser and your own 1” masking tape to hang polyethylene sheeting quickly. ¾” by 60 yards.

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SAV-A-CEILING Architectural Ceiling Coating

The only ceiling tile coating with an Underwriters Laboratories Classification. SAV-A-CEILING is proven not to harm the fire rating of ceiling tiles. Spray applied to restore existing old and tired looking ceilings. Available in bright white. Custom colors also available upon request.

Polyethylene Sheeting

We carry 3 sizes of rolled poly sheeting.
12’ x 400’ x .35 mil “High Density Painters Plastic” is perfect for covering walls and furnishings.
20’ x 400’ x .75 mil poly sheeting is ideal for covering large areas of floor space and perfect for fast and easy covering of supermarket shelving.
20’ x 200’ x 1.5 mil poly sheeting is made for strong covering while cleaning ceilings or painting open decking and corrugated ceilings.

Plastic Non-Rusting Plastic Air Diffusers & Vents

Keep your business looking clean with our Plastic Ceiling Air Diffusers and Vents. They’re ideal for: Restaurants, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Clean Environments and MRI Rooms.
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