Replacement Light Frame Kits

MISSING OR BROKEN LIGHT LENS FRAMES AND LIGHTING DOORS? Unfortunately light lens replacement frames are not easy to find. It's impossible to stock light lens frames from 100's of fluorescent light fixture manufactures. However we have a solution to this problem. Install our Light Lens Frame Replacement Kit. Fluorescent light lens covers and lighting frames are available in 1'x4',2'x2' and 2'x4' sizes. Save money on an electrician. Fluorescent light covers and light frames are available bare or with a prismatic, parabolic or egg crate diffuser included. Replacement Light Frames are easy to install; just watch the YouTube Video, click here to be redirected to

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Parabolic Retro Fit (#4711) - 1800ceiling

Parabolic Retro Fit (#4711)

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