48" Long x 6.75" Wide White Linear Air Diverter for 4 slot linear diffusers/vents (4875-48x6.75)

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Breathe Easy Anti-microbial Air Filtering w/Doors (#4103) CLEARANCE 2 Remaining

Breathe Easy Air Filtering System (#4104)

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With the Anti-microbial ceiling air filter, pollens, dust mites, germs, volatile organic compounds, dirt, insects and microorganisms that flow through most ducts are prevented from entering the workspace. Actual size is 24" x 24". Made to fit a standard air diffuser in a ceiling grid system.

The Breathe Easy Air Filtering System will clean the air passing through your existing ceiling air diffusers and vents. Our system is to be installed directly in front of the ceiling diffuser by using the included clips to attach to the ceiling T-Bar grid system. The filter installs in minutes, no tools are required. Our ceiling air filters are made of a multi-density polyester fiber with an anti-microbial treatment, destroying 86.5% of bacteria, mildew and microorganisms on contact. It's a cost effective way to capture debris, dust, allergens and other pollutants as small as one micron without the expense of cleaning ductwork. The Breathe Easy ceiling air filters aesthetically blends into the ceiling and the filters last approximately 6 months. Notice in the above picture how the Breathe Easy blends into the ceiling, looking much like a ceiling tile. The system hugs the ceiling, hanging less than 1/2" from the ceiling. This item does not include plastic doors to close off air flow; Order item # 4103 to include shut off doors.

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