Egg Crate Louvers in White, Black & Silver

Plastic Egg Crate Louvers

Egg Crate Light Diffuser & Lighting Panel

When you replace a standard fluorescent light lens with an egg crate light diffuser, two things happen – the fixture runs cooler thanks to the improved air flow thus extending the life of the tubes and ballast and the interior space enjoys more comfortable and pleasant lighting. At, we stock a large inventory of egg crate lighting panels for every application. And, if you don’t see your exact size of light diffusers listed below, don’t worry; we can always customize your order. is one of the leading online providers of egg crate light diffusers and other ceiling products. We make it easy and affordable for you to get the products you need quickly. And, the more you buy, the more you save. Shop our inventory of egg crate lighting solutions below or contact us today at

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Watch video on how to cut and size egg crate louvers.