Filter the Air Coming Out of Your Ceiling Vents

Filter the Air Coming Out of Your Ceiling Vents

Ever want to make sure the air coming out of your ceiling vents is clean and pure?
Acrylic Laser Cutting Services

Acrylic Laser Cutting Services

From mis-cut recessed lighting to poorly cut drywall, products like the Custom Goof RingCustom Square Goof Plate, and Custom Round in Square Goof Plate are the potential solution to this problem and can be customized to your specific measurements
Change the Color and Protect your Fluorescent Bulbs

Change the Color and Protect your Fluorescent Bulbs

Do you want to change the color of your T8 Fluorescent light bulb and protect them at the same time?
2'x2' Perforated Tiles for Ceiling Returns

2'x2' Perforated Tiles for Ceiling Returns

The perforated tile improves air flow as the perforated holes and allows more air to escape into the air return or plenum, which can be useful in high temperature areas that must be kept cool like kitchens, computer rooms, and more.
Custom Goof

How to Hide Gaps Around a Ceiling Light Box

Do you have a hole in your ceiling that is too big for the light fixture? A Custom Goof Ring is the quick and easy fix to this problem.
LED Lighting Dimming Products

LED Lighting Dimming Products

Do you have LED Lighting fixtures that are too bright and harsh on the eyes?
White Plastic Air Diffuser- Item # 4945W

White Plastic Air Diffuser- Item # 4945W

This 24″ x 24″ plastic ceiling air diffuser  is made with collars from 6″ to 16″ (backplate included). Ideal for restaurants, hospitals, MRI rooms,...
Vapor Tite Lens- Item # 4115

Vapor Tite Lens- Item # 4115

The Vapor Tite fixture is intended for specific applications that are wet or controlled such as food/beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, or other...
Egg Crate Louvers in White, Black & Silver

Polystyrene or Acrylic Egg Crates- Item # 4722

Plastic Egg Crate Louvers Egg Crate Light Diffuser & Lighting Panel When you replace a standard fluorescent light lens with an egg crate light ...
Air Diverter- Item # 4873

Air Diverter- Item # 4873

Air Diverter- Ceiling Air Vent Deflector, White 24″x12″ for traditional style ceiling air diffusers. Divert cold or hot air from HVAC air condition...
Roof Leak Drainage Tarp |

Heavy Duty Drainage Tarp- Item # 4935-3x3t

This ceiling leak diverter is made of 13 oz Heavy Duty Flame Retardant Vinyl Laminated Polyester (Translucent or Black). These heavy drain tarps pr...

Replacement Tape For Dual Tac Dispenser

Replacement tape for the 3M dual Tac dispenser is 60 yards long (180') x 3/4" wide.

This tape is designed to be used in conjunction with your own rolls of masking tape on a 3M dual tac dispenser. We promise this tape will look and act like the original tape put out by 3M.

Linear Vent Air Deflectors


In some commercial buildings, the HVAC systems blow air so forcefully that the excessive hot or cold air can cause a reduction in work performance and employee morale.
Linear Air Vent Deflector -

2', 4' or 5' Frosted Linear Air Diverter

The 2', 4' or 5' Frosted Linear Air Diverter redirects unwanted, constant blowing air from a ceiling strip-line vent at a 45-degree angle.
Polycarbonate - Unbreakable Light Lenses

Prismatic Polycarbonate Light Lenses-Unbreakable

Prismatic Polycarbonate Light Lenses-Unbreakable
Air Duct Cleaning - Ceiling Air Vent Deflector

Ceiling Air Deflectors

Ceiling Air Deflectors, Clear or White Plastic. Direct Air Straight Down.
LED Dimming - Fluorescent Dimming Sleeve

Fluorescent Dimming Sleeves. Item 4117

Fluorescent Dimming Sleeves.
Roof Leak Repair - Ceiling Leak Pan

Ceiling Leak Diverters for Drop Ceilings

When ceiling leaks occur, a lot of costly damage can accrue before the plumbers or roofers arrive to find and stop the leak.
RTW HVAC Supply, Air Return



Ceiling Air Vent Deflector, Air Vent Covers

How to Redirect Air from Vent

Have you ever been sitting under a vent pumping constant cold air on to you causing an unpleasant experience? The Plastic Ceiling Air Diverter is the solution to this inconvenience as the product will redirect the hot or cold air without inhibiting or restricting the air flow from your ceiling diffuser.
RTW HVAC air return, HVAC supply, air vent covers

Framed Eggcrate Grilles for RTW Systems

Framed Eggcrate Grilles for RTW Systems T-Bar Ceilings & Surface Mount. Strong frame and core, all aluminum construction. 
Return Filter Grille, Ceiling Air Vent Deflector

Filtered Air Systems

Filter your air as it leaves the ceiling diffuser.
HVAC Supply - Eger Products - Reducer

Stratus Universal Diffuser

Universal collar for 6"-14" HVAC collars.
Ceiling Cleaning - Ceiling Vent Covers

Prevent Dirt Streaks on Ceiling Tiles

Find out how to prevent dirt and dust from appearing on the ceiling surrounding your ceiling diffusers.