Stratus 1'x2' Sight Guard Grille (4762-SGG-1x2)

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Nobody wants to see wires, conduits or ductwork through a wall or ceiling grille. Especially building tenants. Our Sight-Guard™ Grille is a simple solution for architects and contractors who want to preserve the aesthetic beauty of a building without sacrificing functionality. This unique grille features eggcrate angled at 45° to prevent see through from three directions. So unattractive objects are put where they belong — out of sight and out of mind.

Sight-Guard™ Grilles Grille Features Eggcrate Angled at 45° Blocks view of objects in walls and ceilings No secondary accessories needed, saving you money and time 92% free area - same as traditional eggcrate grilles Eggcrate is securely locked into unique "frame channel", No rattling, squeaking, or vibrations All aluminum construction, strong frame and core Smooth and even finish around frame, electrostatically powder coated Industry Standard "British White" color Sealed corner seams so there are no unsightly gaps Micro-welded neck corners Ideal for use in walls, drop ceilings and special applications

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