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white linear air diverter for 2 slot
Wide White Linear Air Diverter- Item # 4875-48×3.75
Item # 4875-48×3.75   White Linear Air Diverters are available to fit 2′ sections of linear air diffusers with air vents of 1 slot, 2 slot, [...]
Dust On Ceiling? Dirty HVAC, Think Again
Even if you had the best or the worst filter in your HVAC system dust trails would still appear. Why, because the occupied area where the supply vents are [...]
Tactics for Cleaning Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
Great article on ceiling cleaning Tactics for Cleaning Acoustic Ceiling Tiles. Share on Facebook
clear ceiling dust deflector
How To Install a Ceiling Dust Deflector
ITEM # 4872. Stop carbon soot from building up on the ceiling tiles surrounding the HVAC vent covers. Great for supermarkets, restaurants, department [...]
How to Install a Replacement Light Lens Retro Fit Kit
Item # 4710 MISSING OR BROKEN LIGHT FRAMES AND LIGHTING DOORS? Install our Retro Fit Light Frame Replacements. Fluorescent light covers and light frames [...]
How To Install a Parabolic Retro Fit Kit
Parabolic Retro Fit. Convert any boring existing lighting fixture into a clean, sharp looking parabolic light without changing out the lighting fixture. No [...]
air diverter
How To Install An Air Diverter
Install the AIr Diverter. Stop Freezing
Poly Pro dual tac
Poly Pro Tape for Dual Tac Dispenser- Item # 4806
Item # 4806   Looking for 3M Dual Tac Tape? Look no further, we have a replacement roll for the 3M Dual Tac Dispenser. Our red/orange tape will work [...]
Parabolic Lens Retro Fit- Item # 4711
Item # 4711 The parabolic light fluorescent light covers make it easy to convert any boring existing lighting fixture into a clean, sharp looking parabolic [...]
Retro Fit Kit- Item # 4710
Item # 4710   The fluorescent light covers retrofit kit makes it easy to replace a broken or missing light lens frame. These replacement light covers [...]
Spray Everything
We found this article in Fine HomeBuilding magazine. This article describes the how to of spraying out a home instead of the traditional brush and roller.
Heavy Duty Drainage Tarp- Item # 4935-3x3t
AIR DIVERTER #4873 Change direction of fast moving air.
SAV-A-CEILING Architectural Ceiling Coating is now UL Classified for surface burning characteristics.
Poly Pro dual tac
How To Use Poly Pro Tape With Dual Tac Dispenser
Use Poly Pro Reverse Wound Tape in conjunction with 3M Dual Tac Tape Dispenser and 1" masking tape.
How To Restore Rusty Grid with Ceiling Armor
CEILING ARMOR GRID COVER will update rusty and discolored ceiling grid systems for a fraction of the cost of replacement. This unique cover snaps on to a [...]
ceiling leak diverter
How To Install a Ceiling Leak Diverter
Divert water from leaking roofs and dripping pipes. Available in 2'x2' and 2'x4' panels. Package includes 25' of hose and mounting clips.
How To Restore Water Stained Ceiling Tiles
Item #s 4811 & 4812 How to Repair a Water Damaged Ceiling from leading home improvement and Home Problem Solver expert Save [...]
How To Use Sav-A-Ceiling
SAV-A-CEILING Architectural Ceiling Coating will restore acoustic ceiling tiles and grid systems at less than 1/2 the cost of replacement. Specify [...]
white plastic diffusers
How to Replace Rusty Vents with Plastic
Replace rusty metal ceiling vents, air diffusers and return grills with plastic vents and diffusers.
Phase 2: Cleaning Ceiling and Priming Stains
A ceiling cleaning solution should also be considered for greasy ceilings or ceiling that have been exposed to cigarette smoke.