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On a personal note!


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On a personal note!.

It you can’t make money in America
1800ceilingYou’re just not paying attention. I was at a college graduation party the other day where I met Glenn Scheel. Glenn was in the ceiling-restoration business here on Long Island, which means he spent a lot of time looking up. He noticed all those homemade cardboard- and duct-tape air-diverters stuck to the ceiling around all those registers. He figured there were a lot of uncomfortable and frustrated people in this world as a result of poorly designed, heating-and-cooling systems. That inspired him to start this company, which makes some very cool products. I especially like the leak-diverter panel!




SAV-A-CEILING Architectural Ceiling Coating will restore acoustic ceiling tiles and grid systems at less than 1/2 the cost of replacement. Specify SAV-A-CEILING the only ceiling coating on the market today with a UL classification. Save time and money while remodeling. Our process also qualifies for LEED credits.

Replace rusted air diffusers with plastic.


Rusted Metal Air Diffusers


Replace rusty metal ceiling vents, air diffusers and return grills with plastic vents and diffusers.
Restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias, food prep areas,dishwashing rooms, chemical labs, swimming pool areas, and outside paking garages and structures will all see their metal vents and diffusers rust due to heat, humidity and chemical exposure. Never rust plastic vents are easy to install.

We also carry plastic never rust air return units and plastic carbon soot air deflectors

It is important to measure the collar size of your existing metal vents before ordering plastic vents. Collar sizes available:6″, 8″,10″, 12″, 14″

Visit for more information on: Never Rust Plastic Air Vents & Diffusers, Never Rust Return Air Units, Carbon Soot Air Deflectors and many other ceiling restoartion and repair products.

How to Install Tin Look Ceilings

Tin Look Ceiling AFTER

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Install new plastic ceiling tiles and grid cover to match. Do It Yourself

View the pictorial above for tips on how to install Tin Look Ceiling Tiles and Tin Look Grid Cap.

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