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clear ceiling dust deflector
Ceiling Dust Deflectors- Item #s 4871 & 4872
Item #s 4871 & 4872 Ceiling dust deflector for 24″ x 24″ traditional ceiling air diffusers. Easy to assemble. Stop dust from accumulating [...]
Clear Linear Air Diverter- Item #s 4874-24 & 4874-48
Item #s 4874-24 & 4874-48   This 2′ or 4′ long clear diverter works by pushing the air away in a 45 degree angle. If you are sitting [...]
corner air diverter
Corner Air Diverter- Item # 4873-Tri
Item # 4873-Tri Corner Air Diverter-White for 2’x2′ traditional style ceiling air diffusers. Divert cold or hot air from HVAC air conditioning [...]
air diverter
Air Diverter- Item # 4873
Item # 4873 Air Diverter-White 24″x12″ for traditional style ceiling air diffusers. Divert cold or hot air from HVAC air conditioning units [...]
filtered air system
How To Install the Filtered Air System
Item # 4877 Filter your air one last time. Installs easily over existing 2’x2′ ceiling air diffuser/vent. Clips on to the ceiling grid system. [...]
How To Install Fluorescent Dimming Sleeves
Item #4117 These light stabilized unbreakable clear poly carbonate U. V. filtering sleeves are designed to provide protection in case of fluorescent lamp [...]
How To Install the Ceiling Tile Fan
Item # 4735 We offer solutions for ceilings, lighting and HVAC needs. At you’ll find a wide array of innovative products for ceiling [...]
How To Install the Wall Leak Diverter
Item # 4933 Capture and divert water running down your walls from leaking roofs or overhead pipes. Made from .080 gauge white acrylic sheets. 2′ or [...]
How To Install the Breathe Easy Air Filtering System
Item #s 4103 & 4104 With the Anti-microbial Filter, pollens, dust mites, germs, volatile organic compounds, dirt, insects and microorganisms that flow [...]
How To Use Lexan Polycarbonate Unbreakable Lenses
Item #s 4728 Lexan 903173U is a Lexan polycarbonate sheet with K12 prismatic texture on one side and a proprietary UV-resistant surface treatment on the [...]