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If you need replacements for 2' long wrap-around fluorescent light lenses, you're going to have a hard time finding them at your local hardware or electrical supply store. But, at 1800ceiling.com, we have a huge variety of light lens covers to choose from with most standard sizes in stock and ready to ship. We also offer the benefit of custom-ordering your wrap-around lenses so you can ensure you have the perfect replacement on hand.

Below you'll find a list of the wrap-around fluorescent light lenses we stock at 1800ceiling.com.

**PLEASE match up the measurements of your existing lens with the measurements of the wraps we have listed. You will find the exact measuements in "More Views" on the product pages. It is important to note that some wraps are very close in width and height to other wraps. PLEASE COMPARE. EXAMPLE: Wraps # 4112P-6002 and 4112P-9002 are both 9" wide, but they are NOT the same.

Watch the YouTube how to video Watch the how-to video on YouTube for measuring and ordering custom wrap arounds.

If you do not see your wrap around in our list of stock items below, do the following:
1) Print out and fill in the CUSTOM ORDER FORM. Please TRACE your wrap profile. Please measure carefully to the closest 1/8".
2) To help you fill out the custom order form please view the EXAMPLE OF THE FORM.
3) Take 3-4 pictures of your existing wrap around light. Please include the end of the wrap and a close-up of the hooks.
4) Include your ship to address. This will help in determining the shipping costs.
5) Email your completed form, ship to address and pictures to sales@1800ceiling.com.  
*** Note: here is a 4-6 piece minimum on custom wrap arounds.

PLEASE do not call to try and EXPLAIN your lens. There are 100's of wrap around lights on the market today. Pictures and the custom order form will give us the best idea of what wrap around you have.


ATTENTION! THIS IS A 2' LONG WRAP AROUND LENS. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LIGHT FIXTURE IS 2'. Most fluorescent fixtures are 4' long. Please confirm the length of your fixture before ordering.

We also carry 4' long wrap around lights, click this link.

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2' Fluorescent Wrap Replacement Lenses

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