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In a commercial setting, the HVAC system is not always controlled locally. This means that those who work in the space may not be able to control the air flow coming out of the vents and this can make it uncomfortable for some. But, with air vent covers from 1800ceiling.com, you can finally stop unwanted air flow wherever it is needed.

At 1800ceiling.com, we carry a huge array of vent covers and draft shields. All you have to do is measure your air vent, determine whether or not it is steel or aluminum, and choose the appropriate match for your vent at 1800ceiling.com. Best of all, our air vent covers are magnetic. They secure right to steel vents or to the steel screws on aluminum vents, no tools needed. And, we carry both commercial and residential air vent covers and draft shields. Shop with us today and save on your entire purchase.

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Air Vent Covers

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  1. Filtered Allergen Relief Cover (# 4949-xx)

    Filtered Allergen Relief Covers. One extra filter included with each cover.

    Elima-Draft® Allergen Relief Filtration Covers provide relief to allergy sufferers and provide cleaner air in the home. Our filtration covers are lined with filtration media and minimize allergens found in Central A/C and Forced Hot Air Systems.



    Starting at: $19.99

  2. Elima-Draft Residential Vent Cover(#4948-xx)

    Elima-Draft® Insulated Magnetic Residential Ceiling Vent Covers form a barrier around your vent/registers and redirect valuable heated air back into your home. Cold air stays out and warm air stays in.

    Starting at: $19.99

  3. Draft Shield

    Winterize your home.

    The Draft Shield helps winterize your home by blocking drafts from your open central air conditioner vents. Draft Shield works on square, rectangle and round vents , and even on through structure wall air conditioner units. Draft Shields are 2" deep to accommodate a variety of vents sizes and depths.

    Starting at: $23.99

  4. Custom Corner Air Diverter (item # 4873-Tri-C)

    Custom Corner Air Diverters: Customize the size for your own corner air diverter. Measure the length of your vent then choose a size from the drop down list. We include 4 plastic wall anchors and 4 screws to help you mount the custom diverter to your sheetrock ceiling. See the additional pictures on this page for a better understanding on how to order the correct size. Note: You can make the diverter larger than your vent by selecting a longer side wall length.
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4 Item(s)